31 de março de 2020

[Lista] 500 Essential Anime Movies (2008): C

Call Of The wild 

 Camp Pikachu


Card Captor Sakura Movie: The Sealed Card 

Card Captor Sakura The Movie

Case Closed The Movie: The Time Bombed Skyscraper 


Castle In The Sky

Castle Of Cagliostro

Cat Soup 


Chimera: Angel Of Death 

Chobits OAV 

City Hunter: . Magnum 

City Hunter: Bay City Wars

City Hunter: Million Dollar Conspiracy

City Hunter:  The Movie

Cleopatra DC 

Cleopatra: Queen Of Sex

Comic Party Revolution 

Cosmo Warrior Zero Sea Of Stars

Cosplay Complex 

Count Down

Cowboy Bebop The Movie

 Cromartie High School

Crusher Joe: The Movie

Crying Freeman

Cutey Honey 1, New 

Cutéy Honey 2, New

Cyber City Oedo  : Blood lust 

Cyber City Oedo  Psychic Troope 

Cyber City Oedo  virtual Death

 Cybernetics Guardian


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